Writing as cooking

In what is surely an over-used metaphor, it occurred to me today that my writing is similar in a lot of ways to my cooking. Every dish you make is building on the ones you’ve made before. Each egg you fry and each paragraph you write builds on all the past eggs and paragraphs. You […]

Recent walks

I’ve been walking after lunch most days and I’ve started taking the same photograph each time, at the spot where there’s a good vista. It makes a nice place to turn around. I’ve been doing this walk, almost every day for a couple of months. It’s just under two miles round trip on the straight […]

Recent Reading, Spring 2020

Hello hypothetical readers, Life here is a notch or two up on the difficulty scale here at Broadhead Cottage. We’re safe and healthy overall but there’s certainly a weight over things, like a weighted blanket you’d love to get out from under. I’m going to put all that aside, as I said, we’re safe and […]

Do anything, do something

Hello from my home office. I’ve been walking outside more, never as much as I’d like. I’ve been drinking tea and sitting with a book for a few minutes in the afternoon. I’ve been working to be kind to myself, to set meaningful, attainable, goals. I’ve been doing yoga more consistently. I’ve started to take […]

Monday Night Risotto

We replaced the light in the kitchen on Saturday, so there’s brighter, warmer light in our small kitchen. We’ve been doing a lot of work lately to build good habits and make the house as calm and relaxing a place as possible. Making the bed every day, making sure all the dishes are done and […]