My current projects in 2018:

These are all still in planning stages with nothing except some research done or a bit of preliminary work done. Not sure I’ll have much serious time for much of these, unless I really commit to making some, which I ought to. Life just often gets in the way of time-consuming side projects & hobbies.

  • Project Overland

    A stalled game project/collaboration about antarctic exploration. A kind of walking simulator, origininally planned as a sort of alternative reality game, but it’s unclear how useful that is at this stage, or difficult to impliment. Would invovle all sort of data pulled in and processed from outside sources, espeically with regard to weather, position information and

  • Project Lighthugger

    A second, this time solo game project about a faulty AI on a relativistic sleepership. I’ve looked at a ton of different platforms for this and probably just settled on Unity3d, since its extremely well documented, widely used, and free to start using. Not sure how capable it is of

  • Short SF Tracker

    A good excuse to learn django & mysql, building a website for tracking short fiction reading built on top of the astoundingly comprehensive ISFDB.

Space Poet: An interactive fiction.

An ongoing work of interactive SF about a bad poet on a mysteriously failing lunar outpost. Read it here.

Some of my past projects include:

Dagan Books:

Assistant Acquisitions Editor, Short Fiction

Septermber 2012 - October 2013

Worked on the first issue of Lakeside Circus prior to its release.

Slush Reader & Line Editor

September 2011 - September 2012

Read slush & did line edits, as you might expect.

SFRA Review:


July 2008 to January 2009

  • Saturn’s Children No. 285 Summer 2008
  • Doktor Sleepless Vol 1 No. 286 Fall 2008
  • Fringe (TV) No. 287 Winter 2009
  • District 9 (Film) No. 289 Fall 2009
  • The Grey Moon Over China No. 290 Fall 2009