I am still getting myself up to speed, and so am writing about something that’s sort of hung over from the last year: ideas about what role the Web serves or can serve, especially when social media & the internet can be so hostile.

I’ll leave discussion of Gamergate, online harassment, misogyny, racism and entitlement to someone else.

An entry from Mandy Brown’s newsletter A Working Letter struck me, as much of her writing does as a clear articulation of something that I’d been looking for words for:

Part of why I’m fond of the word working—as in, A Working Library, A Working Letter—is that I consider what writing and reading I do in these spaces to be a work in progress. That is, I’m working off of other materials, and through them, and doing so in some kind of public. I’ve actually come to think of that kind of thinking out loud as one of the great things about the web: it makes transparent the iteration and revision necessary to any creative endeavor (where I define creative expansively), and adds a layer of conversation and collaboration that makes that work better. But how much public is necessary? How much is too much?

That process of working things out, of development in public is much of why I’m writing here instead of just in a journal. I assume that the site will remain unread by nearly everyone: the site’s personal enough that I can’t see it being interesting to anyone except me, the author.

I’d like to eventually have a series of essays & articles that aren’t these blog entries, the [redstone] rockets post is the first of a planned series on those.

The write-only, distinctly non-interactive, purposly anti-social site are features that are a bulwark against the attention sapping of social media and published as vanilla HTML so that I’m as in control of the site and its content as possible.

As I mentioned in my first post of the year, I’m working to write here weekly, and in doing that, building momentum to do something more interesting and creative than simply talking about writing and occasional pictures of food.

(Though I do love cooking, since it is inherently productive and for all the baggage that being productive carries, I still want to have made my days count for something.

This post is getting myself caught up, even though it is published a week late. Week 2 of 2015 involved a little excercise and one of Peter Reinhart’s pizza dough recepies, which was tremendously good.

2015, Week 2:

Bread: Pizza Dough


I didn’t bike at all in week two, but did do some yoga, as a stiff back had been bothering me.