To build a little on yesterday’s posting on week two and make a second go at articulating some thoughts on “Social” media:

I’m spending much of the weekend at home, alone, as Chessie is out of town.

A number of things seemed to have cohered in the last 6 months: a wariness & weariness of social media, some small movement of people away from blogs and to mailing lists, which are private, still social means of broadcasting a communication. They’re also ephemeral but still live in inboxes & the author’s sent folder, so the author & readers have as much control over them as they do their email.

Twitter, Facebook and the larger web have been recently and more-or-less historically, a read-only medium. I haven’t done much communicating with people on the web, though it has always been something I’d like to do more of. The Internet is made out of people and while many of them are scum, a lot of them are smart, interesting and thoughtful who make things I value.

I guess I mean to say here is that I am working to put my own house in order and work on making something worth someone else’s time before I go spending so much of my time on what other people (and/or algorithms) believe I should find important and interesting.

I won’t bother to resolve to use social media less, since Facebook is open on another screen, I’ll just try to supplant it with some more useful activity: reading, writing, research, etc. (or just remembering how the link syntax in markdown works.)

Things on my mind today:

  • Alchemical Symbols, Fonts, & Unicode.1

  • An ongoing javascript project.2

  • The I Ching. 3

  • Agrippa. 4

  • Finish reading Matheson’s I Am Legend. 5

2015, Week 3:

  • Finished Sturgeon’s More Than Human, which I loved.

  • 23 miles this week on the stationary bike, or, nearly 1 round trip journey to work.

  • Bread: No knead

No Knead Bread

I’m annoyed this picture came out over-exposed and the bread could have used a little longer in the oven.

  1. The pdf file here is the easiest way to see the Unicode for these symbols, such as Alchemical Symbol for Antimony Ore. Which you might see rendered here:🜫 

  2. Which concerns, of course, spaceships. Development has gotten a nice kickstart in the wake of a nice long Skype chat. 

  3. Spurred largely by last year’s re-reading of Man in the High Castle and Amazon’s production of a pilot for a TV Adaptation of the novel, which cleverly turns the “true” history of that story from a novel to newsreel footage, to match the shift in media of the original work. At the least, it stops the viewer from having to watch people read a book. You should be able to watch it here and I recommend it. 

  4. Agrippa, roman statesman and right-hand-man of Caesar Augustus/Octavian/Gaius Julius Caesar. (His Wikipedia page here). Still enjoying this History of Rome Podcast. You can subscribe here

  5. It turns out that this is a novella and the back half of the volume is short fiction which is not set in the same milieu as the novella, which I did not expect.