I think I missed last week. It’s been cold here and some things have gotten in the way of sitting down and writing. Seems like there’s been lots of running around and things to deal with.

Today I went out cross-country skiing, something I’m still quite new to. We were out to give a new trail a try and met some people coming out on our way in. They’d stayed overnight at a leanto a 3 or 4 miles into the backcountry and were braking fresh trail with heavy packs. They used terminology about the conditions I hadn’t heard before and asked if we had a scraper, which in this context meant something to scrape frozen slush from the bottom of our skiis, I think? We got less than a quarter of a mile when the trail turned steeply uphill, narrowed, and began to run sideways along a steeply sloped hill.

This was the point when we decided to turn back.

We wagered that if the terrain looked intimidating after only a few hundred feet, it would likely continue to be intimidating, but I am not sure if we’d have turned around as quickly if we hadn’t met the people at the trailhead. I think this time I felt at least as intimidated by the conversation as the terrain.

recognizing when I’m out of my depth is valuable, but discerning when it’s because I’m afraid or insufficiently skilled is harder, though there’s usually a big overlap.

We ended up heading to more heavily used trails we’d been on parts of before. It was a nice time and we both managed a steep downhill without major calamity. It was a nice time until my hands started to hurt, since it was 7 degrees and snowing.

Last week I made another very good No-Knead loaf of bread, and haven’t decided what to make this week yet, though it’ll proably have to get made on Wednesday morning before I go to work.

I’ve been working on a silly software project in python, so I can learn that language a little more.

This last week I read The Three Body Problem, which had a few good ideas but was deeply heavy on long expository passages. I haven’t read any other Chinese novels, so perhaps the structure here is cultural and not just this author’s? It had a fairly good story but didn’t seem to break any new ground or have interesting things to say. Some of the nagging questions may be answered in the 2nd and 3rd volumes, but a number of omissions will likely stay omissions. (Ex: Why let someone into your secret society without discovering that the person he spends most of his time with lately is a police officer?)

It was just good enough to keep reading the next books when the come out.

That’s all for this week, it’s time for bed and to recommit myself to continuing on & forming good habits.