Finances in 2018 & 2019

2018 was unequivocally the year I started taking our household finances seriously. I got us set up through the first months of the year with all our accounts in budgeting software called “You Need a Budget” (YNAB) and made a household budget and largely stuck to it. The YNAB software is great, it is a […]

New year, new hosting

It’s 2019 and I am working on remaking some of my relationship with the internet. I’m hoping to slow down, stop compulsively logging into everyone’s favorite trash website twitter dot com. My actual favorite website these days is Space Launch Report. I think I’ve struggled to do much more than receive the awful firehose of […]

For its Own Sake

As a rule I’ve done more thinking about writing than writing in the last few years. I’ve thought also about my feelings about writing, about notions of ‘productivity’, ‘progress’, and at least a little about ‘work’. I aspire to be someone who contributes to the world of ideas, culture, and media in whatever small way […]

YTD – April 2018

There is a lot to be said for taking a long view in your life. This certainly seems to be getting easier as I get older here on the threshold of my 32nd birthday, about a month from now. Some things/projects I’d like to find time to work on more this year are: Essays here […]