slow & steady

I’ve taken notice lately of a few areas where I’ve managed to accumulate a body of knowledge or skills outside of things I’ve got to do at my job:

  • Cooking & bread baking
  • Science Fiction
  • Yoga (to a modest degree)

There seems to be an extent to which you become committed to doing something regularly and you’re doing it more than most people around you. So I’m suddenly surprised to learn that I cook more than most people do, make bread from scratch more often, have read more science fiction and have a bit more flexibility and knowledge about yoga.

It’s gratifying to discover that you’ve slowly accumulated this additional experience. It’s added up and you can look back over the years and see the layers of accumulated knowledge and skill. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t bake a loaf of bread at all for a couple of years, all the times you did have still added up to today.

view of several deer from a snowy driveway bordered by cedar trees
a view from here this winter
whole wheat sandwich bread
one of many loaves so far in 2023: a whole wheat sandwich bread