For its Own Sake

As a rule I’ve done more thinking about writing than writing in the last few years.

I’ve thought also about my feelings about writing, about notions of ‘productivity’, ‘progress’, and at least a little about ‘work’. I aspire to be someone who contributes to the world of ideas, culture, and media in whatever small way I can. My writing here exists as a small stake in the ground and a way to organize ideas. I am not under any obligation to write things here. No one is compelling me to do this and I need not do it.

I’m working to try and think about work and progress in smaller pieces, what I am doing today and tomorrow that will add up over time, while not letting myself get frustrated with the pace of any accumulation. This applies of course to all sorts of work: tasks at my job, chores, home improvement projects or nearly anything else. I have to do the work of letting every small thing be a little accomplishment.

I especially have to think about the work here in terms of how it helps me, how I’m providing myself a quiet little outlet and how I’m putting these words together for its own sake, doing the work because it is something I want to do, whose outcome is good and which I decide to do instead of other things I find less satisfying both in doing them and having done them.

I am not going to resolve to write here more or do a particular kind of writing, but I am going to try and continue to think about writing as a way of thinking and this kind of thinking as helpful to me and perhaps eventually of some value to a nominal audience.