Recent Reading – late summer 2018 edition

I spent a really lovely week this August at a cabin in the woods with family here in the adirondacks but far enough from home that it felt like travel.

I spent a lot of time reading, as is right and proper for an internet-less lakeside cabin. I finished a ton of the books that had been sitting half read over the last few years:

  • James Gelick’s Time Travel
  • Mary Beard’s SPQR
  • David Hartwell & Nielsen Hayden’s 21st Century Science Fiction
  • Winter’s Heart by Robert Jordon

While lounging at the beach on sunny summer days I read all of Bruce Sterline’s Invollution Ocean over two days. It was a fun short book that could be summarized with some degree of accuracy as “Space Moby Dick”.

I did a lot of canoeing, which was nice and easy to just walk a few feet down from the cabin and hope into the canoe for half an hour. Next year I hope I can remember in advance to rent a sunfish for the week.